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KeyDevil Hardware Key Logger - Frequently Asked Questions

What are keyloggers?

A proper definition of a keylogger is "any device or program that captures information from an input device and places the captured data into a file." What this should tell you is that a keylogger can take many forms; some almost impossible to detect. Regardless of the type, a keylogger generally does one thing; capture the keystrokes from a keyboard.

What is a Hardware Keylogger?

Hardware keyloggers are small lipstick shaped devices that are placed inline, between your keyboard and computer (see figure 1). Since they are connected near the back of the computer, which is often hidden from site, these devices are rarely noticed or detected, as figure 2 indicates. Unfortunately, this easily overlooked device has the power to record hundreds of thousands of keystrokes, including passwords, credit card numbers, or adulterous email and chat conversations.

What Is The Difference Between KeyDevil Keylogger Models?

The Only Distinct Difference Between The Keylogger Series Is The Internal Flash Memory Capacity. Each KeyDevil Model Varies In Memory Size. The 64Kb Personal - 128Kb Rocket - 256Kb EliteX.

How Much Data Can The KeyDevil Keep Stored?

This Depends On The KeyDevil Model You Have Purchased. Our Smallest Model For Instance 64Kb (Personal) Can Hold Up To Two Weeks Of Active Typing. Once Full, It Will Continue To Record And Simply Erase The Oldest Data First. It Never Stops Recording.

Can I Retrieve Log Data From Another Computer?

Absolutely! Simply Plug The KeyDevil Into Any Computer, And Review The Log File Data By Installing The KeyDevil Log Viewing Software. The Log Viewing Mode Software Will Only Work On Windows 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP Operating Systems.

How Do I Read The KeyDevil Keylogger Log File?

You Can Review All Log File Data By Installing The KeyDevil Log Viewing Software. This Software Is Available In Your Retail Package Upon Purchase. If You Need A New Download, Please Contact Us. Our Customer Support Team Can Provide A New Download.

Is The Hardware Keylogger Password Protected?

Yes, Each KeyDevil Device Is Equipped With A Personal Users Password. The Only Way To Retrieve The Stored Data Is By Entering In This Unique Password. It Is Required For Viewing All Log File Data. Keep This Password Safe And Protected From Others.

What Happens When The Memory Becomes Full?

Once The Hardware Device Has Reached Its Maximum Memory Capacity, It Will Start A Looping Sequence. This Simply Means It Will Not Stop Recording But Rather Start Overwriting The Oldest Data First. You May Also Erase The Log At Anytime If Needed.

Does The KeyDevil Work On A Mac Computer?

The KeyDevil Does Not Work With Mac Computers. These Computers Use USB Devices To Connect The Keyboard. We Are Planning On Releasing The KeyDevil USB Version In Early March 2006! Stay Tuned For This New USB (4) MB Hardware Keylogger.

Does The KeyDevil Work On Linux Or Unix?

The KeyDevil Does Work On These Operating Systems In (Record Mode Only). You Must Install The Log Viewing Software On A Windows Operating System 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP Using Our Log Viewing Software To Retrieve The KeyDevil Log File Data.

How Do I Start The Download Log File Process?

This Is A Very Simple Task. Once You Have The KeyDevil Log Viewing Software Open (Active Application), Simply Select Download. You Will Then Be Prompted For Your Password. One You Enter, Simply Press The Enter Key To Intiate Download.

How Long Does It Take To Download Log Files?

The Log File Download Will Depend On How Full The Memory Is. For Instance The 64k (Personal) Can Take Up To 8 Minutes To Download Log File Data. The Most Recent Data Will Be Downloaded First. You Can Press Enter At Anytime To Stop The Download.

Can The KeyDevil Be Detected By Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware Software?

Unlike Computer Monitoring Software, The KeyDevil Cannot Be Detected By Anti Virus Software. This Is Primarily Because The KeyDevil Is A Hardware Device Not A Software Configuration. The Only Way To Detect The KeyDevil Is By Physical Inspection.

Do I Need Software To Review The Log File?

Yes, This Is For Your Protection. We Have Provided The KeyDevil Log Viewing Software As A Means Of Extra Security As Well As Point Click Access To Retrieving Log File Data. This Software Comes On CD With The Purchase Of Any KeyDevil Hardware Keylogger.

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