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KeyDevil - Hardware Keylogger

Record all key strokes on your PC in stealth


KeyDevil Hardware Keylogger - How it Works

The KeyDevil is a Hardware Keylogger capable of memorizing over 260,000 keystrokes including website addresses, passwords, or anything typed on your computer. The KeyDevil is in fact a small electronic device plugged in between a standard PS/2 keyboard and a Personal Computer. It's main function is to log all keys pressed on the keyboard to internal non-volatile memory. Stored data can be later recalled and analyzed at anytime.

  1. Find Your Computer's Ps2 Connector
  2. Unplug Your Computer's Keyboard Cable
  3. Connect The KeyDevil Into Your Ps2 Slot
  4. Connect Your Keyboard Into The KeyDevil.

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Once data has been acquired in record mode, you can review this recorded data by running the KeyDevil Software (Provided Upon Purchase) on a computer running Windows 9X/ME/XP/2000. Before attempting to retrieve recorded data, The KeyDevil should be connected in the same way as in record mode. Typing in a special password provided with the KeyDevil will initiate data transmission to the log viewer for speedy analysis.

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The most powerful and stealth hardware keylogger

KeyDevil Hardware Key logger

KeyDevil is the original hardware keylogger - not a knock-off. A KeyDevil Hardware keylogger is a device that is plugged in between your keyboard cable and your computer (CPU) and records keystrokes as they are typed. KeyDevil keyloggers are ready to record the instant they are plugged in - there is no monitoring software to install. Once your keylogger is plugged in, you will see every key typed including: e-mail, chat, instant messaging, web searches and more! Your KeyDevil hardware keylogger will store everything inside its own internal Flash memory and can be accessed via our easy o use log viewer. While shopping for your keylogger, keep in mind that: ALL SOFTWARE KEYLOGGERS CAN SLOW DOWN YOUR COMPUTER'S PERFORMANCE AND BE DETECTED BY ANTI-VIRUS and ANTI-SPY PROGRAMS BECAUSE THEY ARE STORED ON YOUR HARD DRIVE! Your computer will never know a KeyDevil hardware keylogger is there which means it can never be detected or disabled by any anti-virus/spy software!.